19/04/12, 2nd restday in Livingstone

It stopped raining somewhere yesterday evening, meaning that this morning it was dry 🙂 meaning that we could catch up on yesterday’s cancelled canoe trip on the upper Zambezi 🙂 I first had a pancake breakfast and after that found Yvonne, Paul, Katja and Tom who also came along. We met our guide and after that we were off!
We were dropped some 30k upstream from where we are camping and after a short safety briefing we went onto the water. The river is just very beautifull and uncultivated, with wild vegetation and hardly any buildings along the shore. It didn’t take long before we saw our first crocodille, soon followed by monkeys, hippos, eagles, vultures and many other birds! And we kept on seeing and hearing all these animals during our 3 hour tour over the river. Hippos can make a lot of noise, so even if they are not very vissible it is very clear that they are around somewhere 🙂
It was just a very nice leasurely and easy activity. We followed the river downstream, meaning that we didn’t have to paddle to hard. Skies were a bit overcast, but I think that was a blessing in disguise. Especially my lips can benefit from a few days without too much sun.  And everybody was in a good mood! We finished the trip with lunch while we watched how the driver of our truck got the truck unstuck out of the mud, caused by yesterday’s rain 🙂 
Next up was to decide what to do during the afternoon. In the morning Loraine had talked about her visit to the nearby spa and the time she had spend in the Jacuzzi. I’m not a spa or jacuzzi person, but her talking about a jacuzzi did spark a deep desire in me to take a long hot bath. So when I got back to our lodge I asked at the reception whether they had a room with a bath available, and they did 🙂 So i spent the afternoon cleaning myself up, and after that I watched the sun set  over the river from my balcony 🙂
So great 2nd day in Livingstone 🙂

Our guide and Katja in their yellow canoe, spotting crocodiles!

Can you see the hippos?

Or the crocodile? I’m not really a proper wildlife photographer 🙈

The river in its self is just beautifull though!

Bird… Paul could tell you brand and type and the year it was built…

Just wow!

Landing on the Zimbabwe shore, no pasport required!

Our transport stuck in the mud :-)-

My hotel room! Look at that view!

Me loving my private space and the setting sun!

Must be sweet dreams tonight 😴😴😴😴

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