19/04/08, stage 58, Lusaka to Soccer Field Camp

Yesterday was a great restday. I slept in till about 530 and lazed around in my tent till about 830. Our camp was located some 5k from the main road in a lush forestry environment. All the birds singing and tjirping around me were amazing!

At 0900 I took the shuttle bus to the mall, where I had breakfast together with Baldr. I had a piece of chocolat cake the size of a small brick. After we finished our cakes Baldr went his own way and I watched the new Dumbo movie in the cinema. It was nice, although I slept through half of it 🙂 No better place to sleep than a movie theater! Just like home!

After the movie I had lunch, tea, and dinner. I just sat outside on one of the terraces and did a bit of reading and writing. After dinner I made my way back to camp and once there I fell asleep while listening to all the birds again.

I woke up refreshed, ready for today’s 172k ride. The first bit went straight through the city center, which was great! I just loved overtaking all the cars that were stuck in traffic! 

The rest of the day was quite uneventfull. Bad road and scenery not to great. Some 15k before camp I stopped along the road because there was a big rain cloud draining right above what appeared to be our campsite. Of course I wasn’t a 100% sure that it was actually above our campsite, but better save than sorry…

After the sky became lighter I got back on my bike and finished the ride and it had indeed been raining at camp. Very hard, so I was glad I waited 🙂 I liked that I made it dry into camp and that I got to set up my tent dry. It’s raining now though, so I just retreated to my tent together with a milky cup of tea. Hopefully it’s dry again tomorrow morning 🙂

Just to give you an idea of the night skies we get to see 🙂 Picture by Laundon, TDA’s video guy who is with us on tour…

The shitty dirt road we used to leave camp and get back to the main road…

Lusaka rush hour!

Brutalism all around…

I’m glad that we got to see some of downtown Lusaka

Kafue river

A little climb today with a nice view!

It became more cloudy during the day…

Burning suger cane…

Rain cloud draining above our camp! Glad I waited 🙂

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