19/04/04, stage 55, Petauke to Luangwa Bridge

Day 3, 172k, done. 504k since we left Lilongwe. Not too bad 🙂 And it was a great day! It was a long tough ride, with some 1500 meters of climbing, but scenery was just stunning! I just didn’t want it to end and I really hope that tomorrow’s ride is similar to today’s in terms of landscape. So despite the fact that the last hills on today’s ride actually hurted in my legs, i’m happy 🙂

I passed the 6400k mark, meaning I rode double the distance i rode on the Camino to Santiago the Compostela. Tomorrow will be another tough day. Only 124k, but 1750 meters of climbing. The camp we’re at served some great food though, so I should able to get re-energized for tomorrow!

The day started out pretty tame, but even this was already pretty nice 🙂

And during the day it only got better…

…and better…

..and better.

Came across a Kameleon crossing the road. Why did it cross the road? To get to the other side of the street!

Highlight was at the end of the day, after crossing the Luangwa bridge.

The bar at our camp has a pretty nice view over the river! Full of crocodiles and hippos…

And we ended the day by playing an epic game of Jenga 🙂

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