19/03/28, stage 49, Chitimba Beach to Mzuzu

I woke up quite refreshed, so that was a good start of the day 🙂 Apparantly lazing around all day yesterday worked well for me. I got on the bike without any reluctance and the legs felt strong! And that’s how I made my way through this morning’s 600m climb. It was a good climb, with great views over lake Malawi and the rainforrest! I rode in the rain for the first time this tour, but it was actually quite nice and refreshing. And the dark clouds added to the ambience!

After the climb followed a bit of downhill and after that the road followed a red whirling river, which meant that the road had only a very gradual inclince. I made it to lunch at 70k in a heartbeat and without straining myself… And I must say that I was quite happilly surprised by this 🙂

After lunch I continued in the same fashion. After 30k i had a coke at a shop and after I finished my coke the shop owner seemed to gesture that I should have another one. Because he twisted my arm so hard I caved in and ordered the 2nd coke. I paid and subsequently the shop owner opened the coke, just to drink it himself, thanking me for my generosity. Apparantly he had not gestured that I should have another coke, but he had gestured that I should buy him a coke. Which I had now just done. I couldn’t get angry or irritated over this though, so I let the guy have his coke. I was a bit bummed out that I didn’t get my 2nd coke though, so I had another coke stop after 15k.

Towards the end of the ride I got quite fed up with the rolling hills and the increasing headwind, so I was glad when I made it to camp around 2am. We’re now in Mzuzu, and Mzuzu has a genuine supermarket. So I put up my tent, had a quick shower and then took a taxi back into town to buy peach yoghurt, eclaires from the bakery, doritos, m&m’s and cold cokes. Together with some other riders we had a feast on the supermarket’s parking lot. I quite ruined my apetite for tonight’s diner 🙂 And I bought enough crappy food to ruin my apetite for tomorrow’s diner as well 🙂 Tomorrow will be a tough day though, so it’s not a bad thing that I stacked some carbs….

Sunrise over Mozambique

This morning’s challenge…

A challenge with a reward though…

Even before we started climbing views were spectacular…

Cycling in the rain for the first time…

Felt like cycling along the ocean…

These roads!

The sun breaking through the clouds!

So green!

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