19/03/24, restday in Mbeya

A restday! And it was just that! I went to bed yesterday around 0900pm. Probably slept around 1000. Only woke up at 730, so had some 9,5 hours of sleep! Lazed around for another hour and then had breakfast, toast eggs and sausages 🙂

After breakfast I used the morning to clean my really dirty bike. I hadn’t cleaned it since Marsabit, which is almost three weeks ago 🙂 I also rode 6000k on the bike (some 5200 on tour and some 800 back home) meaning that I had to change the oil of my Rohloff hub, which J did
I finished cleaning at 1pm and then had a 2 hour lunch, eating pizza, fries, a milkshake and a couple of ciders. After that I had a nap from which I woke up at 5pm, meaning that I was already an hour late for handing in my permanent bag. A bit drowsy I sorted all my stuff out and dragged the bag to the truck. 
After that I ate some more fries and ended the day with a shower. And that was how today flew by 🙂 A nice lazy easy nothing happening day. No pictures taken today either, meaning that this enervarting will only live on in writing, without any visual support. 
It’s now 930 and I’m longing for sleep. Good night!

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