19/03/22, stage 45, Another Soccer Field Camp to Another Soccer Field Campo

Day 6 of the stretch. Day 3 ( and 1/2) on the dirt road. About 400k of dirt done now and only some 35k left tomorrow till we hit paved roads again. It’s like cycling on the Veluwe. The only difference is that the dirt doesn’t stop. And there is a wider variety of dirt. There’s gravel. There’s something that once was asphalt. There’s something that once was asphalt and is covered in a fine later of sand. There’s just sand. There’s rough granulate. There’s fine granulate. There’s granulate covered in sand. There’s mud. There’s mud covered in sand. There’s places where the road simply washed away. And then there are all of the above in combination with corrugation.

It’s fun, but it’s tirering as well. I thought I was making good apeed but still only made it to camp around 3. And I was one of the faster riders today. It’s both physically and mentally draining because you have to focus on staying upright. Scenery is still stunning though. 
After making it to camp I was able to get a nap, which was pretty nice. After that we had dinner. And I went back for 2nds. And 3rds. I’m like a hungry animal. 
Tomorrow is our 7th and last day of the stretch. 110k and some 2100 meters of climbing. Apparantly the route is pretty scenic though, so I hope that that will get me theough the day….

Sunrise over the dirt road

Palmtrees in the jungle

It’s scenic!


Soccerfield camp. Kids playing soccer while the cattle grazes 🙂

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