19/03/20, stage 43, Game Post to Soccer Field Camp

A 113k dirt road ride today. I figured easy would get me there today and it did. I really like riding on dirt roads but I was not sure if I would like it for an entire day. So by cutting the day up in 30k sections it stayed fun 🙂

I had a hard time waking up this morning. My alarm went of, playing la Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong – which has a very long intro – and by the time I heard my alarm go off the guy was already singing. Waking up late meant I was last in line for breakfast and after breakfast I found out that my bike had a flat, so I was way last out of camp. Luckily Alex helped me out and waited for me, so I had a nice morning ride with Alex 🙂 We stopped at 30k for tea and at 40k for a coke. When we were about to take off Lucy came by and as she was last of the pack we decided to stay with here, making our coke stop last over an hour!
After the cokestop it was another 20k to lunch. Again we waited for Lucy and this made our lunch a long one as well. After lunch Lucy was not sure if she wanted to finish the ride, so we convinced here that she should and that we would wait for her at all the coke stops to come. She decided to continue the ride, meaning that I had another long coke stop in the afternoon as well. I reached the coke stop first of the back bunch and had to wait a bit for the others, so I bought a bag of candy and handed it out to the village kids. It’s a trick that doesn’t get old 🙂 The smiles on the faces of these little kids is just amazing.
I made it to camp around 4 and I was just exhausted, but in a fullfilling way. I had a great day today! Challenging dirt road! Great scenery! Nice weather! And we are on a road in Tanzania where nobody else comes! It feels amazingly remote, and I like that a lot!
Tomorrow awaits a similar day! At the moment its 645 and I’m already in my tent! I’m hoping for a really nice sleep tonight! 

The dirt road under a blue sky and along green fields!

Some big rocks, covered in Jungle

Thatched roofed houses

Vegetation thickened as we went along…

Drinking from the ski during lunch to celebrate the great day! It’s a wintersport thing Jerome introduced. It’s a long story 🙂

Cattle blocking my way…

With horns like that i’ll happily wait for them to pass 🙂

Village kids waving allong the road, calling jambo jambo jambo!

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