19/03/18, stage 41, Babati to Singida

I woke up with a bad mindset this morning. Today we had a 158 kilometer ride with 1750 meters of elevation gain and an undulating profile, which I know drives me crazy. So I knew that it was going to be a tough day. I’m not a climber. I’m slow at it and it takes a lot of effort. I hate the climbing 🙂 I’m from the Netherlands, we don’t have hills for a reason… I do like the views though. And besides that, the climbing is necessary to get to places. So for that reason I tolerate it.

Besides knowing that it was going to be a tough day, I had a bad night. I drank too much tea yesterday afternoon/evening, meaning that I had to get out of bed every hour to pee 😦 I had put up my tent inside a recreational room together with some others (guaranteed dry sleeping) so my nightly escapades where not very nice for them either 🙂
So i got up groggy, packed up all my stuff, gagged down some breakfast and got on my bike. And the road immediately went up and the temptation to quit somewhere during the day was immediately on my mind. The views however… The sun rose over the Tanzanian hills, low clouds swirved around and the surroundings were a thousand colors of green. And then there was Vikas, catching up with me, heavily panting, because he’s not too fast on the hills (or on the flats, at least i’m quite fast on the flats) either. And Vikas is just 100% positivity. And he grinds on, no matter how tough the day. So I told him about my poor mindset and I made him promise that he would pull me through today. And we ended up having a great day 🙂 Listening to music. Talking about stupid stuff. Climbing hills. Being amazed by the beauty of the ridge of the rift valley on which we rode for most of the day… The day ended up to be not even half as bad as I expected it to be. It still was a tough day though 🙂
We made it to camp after some 7 hours and 40 minutes of saddle time. This was the 2nd day or our 7 day stretch. Tomorrow we’ll hit the dirt roads of southern Tanzania. Let’s hope I’ll get a good night’s sleep and that the legs will be up for it!

Sunrise over the Tanzanian hills…

Me conquering the climb

Swirling clouds along the rift valley ridge

So green!

Cycling around mount Hanang (3500m)

Looking down into the rift valley…

Annoying our videographer. You take pictures of me, I take pictures of you!

Crazy volcanic rock formations in combination with spectacular views all along the way!

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