19/03/16, TDA foundation bike donation

So after our ride into Arusha last wednesday, we had our first TDA foundation bike donation. The TDA foundation donates 1 bike for every full tour rider, with the aim of:

  1. Giving something back to the people of the areas that the Tour passes through
  2. Raising consciousness about bicycles as an alternative and sustainable means of transport

To fulfill these objectives the Foundation focuses on three areas

  1. Donating bikes to individuals and organizations in Africa
  2. Supporting bicycle advocacy 
  3. Promoting projects that protect the environment.

The TDA Foundation has donated more than 2300 bicycles to more than 70 grassroots organizations and communities in 8 African countries!

Because I like the sound of what the TDA foundation says it does, I have made an additional donation to the foundation. And this first bike donation ceremony showed what the foundation brings about (among other things) 🙂

Bikes were donated to One Bike Tanzania, a bike shop in Moshi near Arusha. The guys of One Bike told us that they started their shop with the aim of repairing local bikes. However, these three young guys want to be more than just a bike shop, so they also organize so called re-cycle tours during which they clean up plastic waste while on their bike. Everybody who is interested can join one of their re-cycle tours and One Bike TZ uses the bikes that the TDA foundation donated to make these tours possible. Check out the below videos they made about what they do:

Or take a look at their website

I very much liked seeing how the TDA foundation has enabled these three young guys in achieving their vision for a better and cleaner Tanzania 🙂 and how they contribute to a cleaner environment. 

If you want to contribute to similar initiatives, feel free to make a donation to the foundation here. Or maybe you have more affinity with any of the good causes that other riders support:

Tom Bell is riding for Hospice Care

Tim Forde is riding for the Lion & Tusk Museum

Paul Bullen – Smith is riding for Médecins SansFrontières 

Alex Harling is riding for Dougie Macmillan Hospice

Frederic Antille is riding for the Lessons for Life foundation

Vikas Patel is riding for the British Columbia Cancer Foundation

Lucy Preece is riding for Medecins Sans Frontieresand Mission Rabies

The bikes donated to One Bike

The guys of One Bike presenting their cause and how they want to realize it…

Proud new bike shop owners, bikes used to collect plastic waste during re-cycle tours

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