19/02/26, stage 28, Lake Koka to Ostrich Camp

I’m glad to say that my tummy allowed me a proper sleep last night. This morning I felt way better than yesterday morning, so decided to ride 🙂 Another easy day today, with only 104k and a great tailwind and no climbing.

Cycling 3000k and not sleeping very well for a couple of nights has left me pretty tired though. So despite the supposed easyness of the ride ahead I figured I should take it really easy anyway. So I applied for a spot in the doddler group yesterday evening. And after carefull review they have decided to allow me to doddle with them for the day, meaning that I couldn’t ride fast and that I needed to stop at every coke stop. Life of doddlers is pretty good, although I’m just an ocassional doddler 🙂 At the end of the day my doddling performances were evaluated, but other from ocassionally still riding to fast, I doddled pretty well (according to the chief doddlers). 
Camp today was pretty cool. Ostrich camp, located in the Abidjatta Shalla National park. Camp is called ostrich camp for a reason, because there are many ostriches here 🙂 And warthogs. And Impalas. And many crazy looking birds. And I saw some baboons along the road again. And camels. Couldn’t take pictures of all of them, but pretty good day! Like riding your bike through a zoo!


Little church under construction. 

Camels blocking the road 🙂 A camel can block my road any day…

Beautifull landscapes again…

An ostrich and a warthog! 

Ostrich walking through camp..

Bananabeak bird!

Dangerous caves though…

Sunset over my bike and tent. Sleeping with the fly off, watching the stars again 🙂

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