19/02/06, stage 17, Desert Camp to Abu Dolooa

I recovered pretty well over the night. Had a lot of sips of water which accumulated to a proper amount during the night. Only the body was just too overexcerted to really sleap, even though my head wanted to do nothing else but sleep 🙂

Got up quite fit at 500 and took my time packing my stuff. It was already clear for me yesterday that I wouldn’t ride today because I didn’t eat anything since yesterday’s breakfast. That’s just not enough to power a 148k ride. Nevertheless all other riders and staff were very friendly and happy to see me on two feet again 🙂
After breakfast I rode the big support truck to the next camp, together with Ash who sprang a muscle some days back. When you’re in the car you get to experience how far 148k actually is. Even with the car it’s a long way 🙂
Once at camp I put up my tent in the shade of a little deserted shack. After that I helped out in the kitchen by peeling carrots for dinner, which is not one of my hidden talents. And after that there was not much else to do. I sketched a bit, wrote yesterday’s blogpost, chatted with ash for a while, checked out the shop at the nearby police checkpoint, napped here, napped there. And that was more or less it…
After dropping out yesterday I was a bit affraid that it would now become to easy to just ride the truck when I don’t feel like cycling. However after today I’m quite sure that that is not going to be the case. There is absolutely nothing to do at camp and the stories of the riders getting in are just to good. All the action is on the road! I really want to miss out on as little as possible 🙂

Riders hitting the road just after sunset

More sand…

Not much happening at camp, except for a camel passing through…

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