19/01/25, stage 8, Idfu to Aswan

Today was a great day again! We continued our route along the Nile, but left the busy big roads behind us and rode on smaller country roads instead. This also meant rougher road surfaces, but me and my bike like that!

I rode with Baldr, Steve, Clement and Andrew again. They are nice guys and it’s nice to know that I am able to keep up with the front of the pack for 100+ km and to arrive at camp well ahead of the next bunch. And I like the speed and the dynamics of riding with them. However it’s not what I came to Africa for… Riding with them also means very limited to no stops to enjoy the views or to interact with locals, and it also means staying at their wheel in order not to lose them. 
I’m really craving more stops and I just feel that I’m still in need to find my ballance and place within the riding group. I feel no need to be the fastest, I feel no need to impress anybody and I certainly feel no need to reach camp as soon possible. It’s just that this group at the front more or less forms naturally at the beginning of the day and that the guys hold back a bit to allow me to keep up, so in between my ears it then feels a bit weird to not stay with them or to stop at any marginally nice view I come accross. 
Anywayz it’s very important for me not to over-do it. Cape Town is still far away…. I discussed it with the guys this afternoon and they seem to understand. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. I’m fine with any outcome, as long as it allows me to pace myself properly….

Leaving sleeping Idfu!

Cycling along palm trees!

Kid riding a donkey!

Sandy dunes…

Boundary between green and bare stays pretty thin…

The contrasts are still amazing! River in the desert…

Descending towards the Nile

Aswan Bridge. We’re not actually in Aswan but on the opposite side of the river some 15k upstream, so no (easy) opportunity to visit the city…

Nice camp along the Nile! Did some nice sketching again.
All pictures were taken while riding (no stops), so i’m actually quite happy that I got some decent shots…

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