19/01/24, stage 7, Luxor to Idfu

Yesterday was packed with nice sights to see but despite all the sightseeing I was able to give the legs some proper rest. So I got up pretty well rested when morning prayers started at 500.

Today was a great day of cycling through the lush green area surrounding the Nile. The roads were full of activity: cars, packed motorcycles, donkey carts, people on bicycles, children waving and wanting a high five…
I rode with Baldr and Steve this morning. They are two of the fastest riders and they also came to the conclusion that they can’t race all the way to Cape Town, so they took an easy day, allowing me to keep up with them. At 72k we had lunch at a beautifull spot along the Nile. After lunch Andrew and Clement (who complete the fast pack) joined us and we rode at the boundary between desert and oasis. What a contrast!
Once at camp I put up my tent and took a nice long nap. And after that I took out my pencils and notebook and sketched some of our surroundings. It’s been a long time since I did any sketching, but there is more than enough time for it after the riding is done. I think I can get used to this life!

Riding through Oasis, with desert mountains at the background.

Baldr and Steve

Riding up front allowed us to have our own police escort througout the day…

The palmtrees are so different from the ones in Vietnam…

Lunch along the Nile!

So beautifull!

Donkey carts!

And shy children…

Baldr, Clement, Andrew and Steve at our coke stop…

Riding on the edge between desert and green fields…

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