19/01/22, stage 6, Police Station Camp to Luxor

Although it still entangles me at night like a straitjacket (which some people think in my case is more than appropriate) I love my sleeping bag. Last night camping at the police station in the middle of the desert was really cold and I heard mumtiple riders mention how cold they were! Not me, my sleeping bag was nice and warm. For that matter I also love my earplugs: didn’t hear anything of all the big trucks pulling up at the police station during the night.

I also had my first shovel-toilet visit last night. There were no actual toilets at camp so we are provided with shovels that we can use to dig a hole in the desert. After that we can do our thing and cover it up again. So I got out of my tent in the middle of the night, got one of the shovels, looked for a spot that was out of view of the security guards, discovered that such a spot did not exist, randomly selected any other spot, tried to dig a hole, failed miserably because I hit solid rock emediately, sat down, did my thing and then just covered it up with some loose sand. Not my greatest achievement. 
This morning I started packing up at 545. I was last to complete packing. People get up insanely early here! I was in time for breakfast though. 
I took it really easy today. My throat is still not okay and I gave a bit to much yesterday. So I decided to ride with jacky, who rides at the back and by now I know she doesn’t like to ride alone. So I used her as my brake, meaning I made it into lunch with a minimum amount of pedal strokes. I liked Jacky’s stories though. I really hope I get to grow old like that…
I was actually quite surprised at how many people were still at lunch, so lunch was good 🙂 I really took my time and was last to leave, together with Alex and Ryan the sweep (who rides at the back to make sure everyone makes it into camp and nobody gets into any kind of trouble). I had told Jacky not to wait for me and to catch up with another group of riders. I caught up with her pretty fast and found she had not been able to catch up with the other group. So I let her draft behind me and led her up to the other group. After that, for the last 25k of the ride, I set of on my own. 
The landscape changed dramatically! From bare sand and rocks to lush green fields with sugar cane, palm trees, birds and sheep and people. The tour approaches the Nile! And it is beautifull! Eventually I caught up with Vikas and we rode the last few kilometers into Razeiky Camp, where I share a room with Jacky in the hotel.
After settling in the hotel and after Jen checking up at my throat again to make sure it doesn’t turn into inflamation (which I’m sure it doesn’t, because about half of the riders has a soar throat, it’s just dust and dry air) Jacky, Baldr, Vikas and me took of to have a look at Karnak temple. However when we got there it was already closed. We then decided to find the place where a group of riders was suposed to get diner. We let Vikas navigate, which was a bit of a mistake, although I can’t say I would have done a better job. We ended up walking a bit to long and I was very happy that I managed to still climb the 5 flights of stairs  to reach the roof terrace.
I was very happy with the good food and the nice drinks. After that I just wanted to go to bed. I must be getting old or something. We paid the bill and the group walked out. I was walking up front but was just done with all the walking, so when a guy on a motorcycle offered me a ride I took it! Got me to the hotel in 5 minutes! Gave the guy 15EGP, walked to my room, fell onto the bed and slept throughout the night!

So much nothing!

Jacky, sturdy old little lady…
Becoming friends with the local paramedic that follows us around.

Nothing turning into green lush fields full of life. Amazing transition!

And then we hit the Nile! Vain of Life throughout Egypt…

Watching the day end…

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