19/01/16, The day before…

Tomorrow we start, meaning that today was all about final preparations. This morning we had our 2nd rider meeting to explain all about tomorrow’s proceedings. Breakfast will be at 530 (who can eat at this time?), between 600 and 630 we should load our bags, at 645 we start our convoy to the pyramids (which is quite close by) to take pictures. At 830 we will load our bikes into a bus to be transferred to a spot at the edge of the city where we will be “released” to actually start cycling. 76k on day 1, not too long….

After the rider meeting finished at around 1030 i had to wait till 1300 to have Ryan the bike mechanic take another look at my calliper. While waiting I sorted out my bags to make sure everything is in the right place. We have two bags: a daily bag to which we have access everyday and a permanent bag to which we only have access on the non cycling days. I shifted some stuff around and made sure everything was nicely packed. 

After that it was time to visit Ryan. He put in a shorter bolt and was able to tighten the calliper properly. To make sure it stays in place he used a lot of lock-tight. Anyhow the problem seems to be solved. After my visit to Ryan it was another wait until 500 when we had to hand in our permanent bags so these could be loaded into the truck. During the wait I had lunch with Andrew and Baldr at a falafel place next to the hotel.

Dropping the permanent bag at 500 was as simple as just dropping the bag, after which I drank some wines / beers at the bar together with Jacky, Tom and Frederique. During the evening I went downtown with Andrew, Alexander, Baldr and Jonas for diner. We took a cheap crappy taxi which could actually only fit four, but we proved able to squeeze in one more. Like that we took the 45 minute ride downtown while Arabic music blared from the crappy speakers 🙂

Today was not the most exciting day, but it was nice to get to know the people. I had hoped to be able to squeeze in the Egyptian museum today, but it was just not possible. Nevertheless I got to see a lot of Cairo during the last few days, also in a non touristy way. So i’m very happy!

Anywayzzz: Tomorrow we ride!!!

2nd rider meeting…

Whiteboard with tomorrow’s schedule and directions. First day, chaos, have patience, wait, hurry up and stick to schedule 🙂

What you need to cycle for four months through Africa…

Bike shop in a sand storm…

Eating dust after lunch…

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