18/05/31 Seven and a half months to go…

It has been a little over a month since I registered for the 2019 edition of the Tour d’Afrique. Today I received the first of a number of bulletins in preparation of the Tour, and I think that the moments on which I receive such bulletins, are also nice moments to provide a short update on my own preparations. So this is the first one…

Since my registration last month, a number of things have happened. First of all I was contacted by the Tour’s organisation to arrange the registration fee. After paying the registration fee I gained access to my own personal online TDA environment, which included all relevant documents and a number of forms which I filled out and answered. This included a questionnaire in order to get to know me a little bit, to which you can find my answers right here.

After filling out the forms, I also decided to pay the subscription fee in order to profit from an early payment discount and a still fortunate Eur/Usd rate (which since then has rapidly become and still is becoming less advantageous).

I have also reserved a place for me, myself and my bike on the plane. On Monday the 14th of January I will fly from Amsterdam through Paris to Cairo, where my bike and me will arrive somewhere late in the evening. A little over four months later I will return from Cape Town, flying late in the evening on 17th of May to arrive in Amsterdam early in the morning on Saturday the 18th of May. I will be Flying Blue, meaning that I was able to use my Flying Blue Miles to upgrade to extra legroom seats in Economy Comfort. Thanks boss!

Paying the fees and arranging the tickets were only the first three things on my 137-item to do list before the Tour starts. This to do list includes items like paying the fees and arranging the flight tickets, but also stuff like acquiring all relevant documents, visas, insurances and vaccinations, getting together the right camping gear, buying both on- and off-bicycle clothing, getting my bike running smoothly again after Vietnam, getting all the required spare parts and tools and acquiring all necessary toiletries, medicines and electronics. This means that there is still a lot to do, but with some seven and a half months of time left there still is plenty of time!

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