18/02 Day 6, Hồ Ba Bề

Today began wtih a pretty long climb of about 850 meters to an elevation of 1350 meters. In order to make sure that I would have enough time to finish today’s ride, I left at around 0700. It took me about 2,5 hours to reach the top of the pass. Although it was hard work, it was a pretty nice climb. The road was not to steep and in proper condition and there was not much other traffic. At some point I was completely alone, surrounded by clouds and no noise except for the sound of tjirping birds and water running down the mountain.

Before I left for this trip a collegue told me that I should try meditating once I would find myself in a nice natural ambiance without any other human pressence, but I guess the cycling itsself works as some kind of meditation for me. While I’ on my bike, my mind doesn’t have to solve any complex problems and doesn’t have to deal with people. The only thing I have to do is ride my bike up that hill, which takes a lot of patience (today almost 3 hours of it for the first climb. I can’t afford myself to freak out about the remaining time and distance because the the cycling becomes frustrating. So I continuously calm myself down, focus on the final goal of the day, keep my legs spinning those pedals and remind myself of how lucky I am that I get to see all this beauty and soak it all up. And i finish each day like this: glad that the cycling is done but also very happy with each new experience and the places I’ve seen.

Today I ended the ride at Ba Bể Lake, in Ba Bể National Park, which seems to be a pretty amazing place. The homestay in which I am staying is located in this traditional vernacular house, so the ambiance is pretty good. Tonight we had a joint dinner with all guests staying here, being 2 Americans (Montana), 2 Belgiums (the French part and 2 French (Paris). The Americans told me and the others that the owner of the homestay does a daily tour around the lake, so I signed up for that tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to a day of sightseeing and not being on the bike (despite it being my way of meditating 😉

I rode a total of 94km today with some 1800 meters elevation gain. This brings the distance to a total of 597km and a total elevation gain of around 8240 meters, which is only some 310 meters shy of Mount Everest…

Gooooooooood morning Vietnam!

After a lot of climbing I found myself with my head stuck in the clouds…

Almost 1400 meters up and this was the view I got…

A bit lower vissibility was better!

Everywhere I come I’m a touristic attraction. The small Vietnamese children are crazy about me 🙂 

Houses became increasingly vernacular.

As did the local traditional clothing.

The acces road to Ba Bể Lake. Through dense rainforrest…

Magnificant View on the lake and the surrounding national park.  

Wonderfull vegitation…

And this crazy narrow road…  

With beautifull vistas.

And then this nice cast Iron suspension bridge…

… that provided access to this nice little village where I’ll be sleeping tonight. And staying tomorrow!


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